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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Marie Hilley Story

Audrey Marie Hilley

Audrey Marie Hilley (born Audrey Marie Frasier, June 4, 1933 - February 26, 1987) was convicted of using arsenic poisoning  to kill her husband Frank and attempting to poison her daughter Carol the same way for insurance money.

The 1991 Wife, Mother, Murderer stars Judith Light as Marie Hilley.

Judith Light as Marie Hilley/Robbie/Teri

Kellie Overbey as Carol Hilley  
David Ogden Stiers as John Homan


  1. that lady is CrAzY

  2. That evil woman was so wrong doing that to her daughter this movie was crazy just shows you cant always trust your mama!!

    1. To: Anonymous...only to those Moms who are insane...can't wrap them all up in one package..